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About the Summit

The recent SIWW Technology and Innovation Summit (STIS) 2015 held on 16 and 17 June 2015 saw over 300 water leaders from 35 countries and regions, who came together to co-create a Global Blueprint for Water Solutions.

Close to 150 meetings were arranged leading to meaningful sessions and new friendships forged at the Summit.

During the two-day summit, delegates contributed towards identifying key global trends and drivers of innovation such as the need to augment conventional water sources with alternative sources, protecting water quality, addressing extreme water events and environment sustainability and more. We also agreed on the top Technology Focus Areas (TFAs) to improve clean water treatment and wastewater management.

Top Technology Focus Areas:

  • Decentralised Treatment Technologies
  • Low Energy and High Water Recovery for Reuse
  • Point of Use Reuse
  • Source Separation for Waste Water Management
  • Low Energy Seawater Desalination
  • Low Temperature Thermal Desalination
  • Biological Processes of Water & Waste Water
  • Brine Management
  • Network Asset Management
  • Industrial Water Technologies
  • Water Demand Management
  • Storm Water Management for Flood Control and Water Supply
  • Sludge Management
  • Separation / Membrane Technologies
  • Optimisation of Waste Water Collection Systems
  • Improving Energy Efficiency and Generating Energy from Waste Water Treatment

We also exchanged ideas on how to encourage the risk-averse water sector to invest more in innovation, such as better communication of the value of innovation; providing new technologies with more channels to market; promoting procurement models which offer wider scope for innovation; and economic regulation which will drive utilities to invest in upgrading their services.

Look out for a copy of the "Global Blueprint for Water Solutions" when it is ready by the later part of 2015. Visit the photo gallery for more highlights.

Thank you once again and we look forward to seeing you at the Singapore International Water Week 2016, 10 to 14 July 2016!

“I think the event so far has been excellent, it's certainly exceeding my expectations. It's a very good size and the range of people that we have here is very impressive indeed. Possible to meet really distinguished and well-informed and authoritative individuals from the water industry from all over the world. I think it has been exceedingly useful and productive interaction between them and that is something that has been fostered by the sessions we've been holding here and using the interactive technology, which has certainly added a new dimension to the event."
Professor Lord Ronald Oxburgh, Emeritus Professor of Tectonophysics, University of Cambridge; Former Rector of Imperial College London; Former Chairman of Shell Transport and Trading plc; Lord of the House of Lords, United Kingdom

"(STIS is) a very excellent place. Water is a precious commodity to all of us. I believe that the water business is something that we need to integrate as there is no way we can work in silos. We need to learn from each other. We need to learn to communicate with each other, share lessons and learn about the different technologies and experiences."
His Excellency Dr Abdulrahman Al-Ibrahim, Governor, Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC)

"STIS has been an outstanding event. It is really great to bring together so many thinkers from a broad geographic base - from consultants, to academics, to investors and utility owners - to have a lot of different ideas flowing."
Ms Cindy Wallis-Lage, President, Water Business, Black & Veatch, USA.

"STIS is able to bring the best in the world together to look at the potential issues and potential solutions… We are off to a good start in the diversity of issues discussed and the international footprint of people with different experiences and skills."
Mr Dinizulu Percival, Chief Executive, Rand Water, South Africa

"This event has been very good. It allows you to interact with a lot of different people and gives you the perspective of where the industry is going, and the issues that are important to others in the industry."
Dr Paul Bowen, Director of Sustainability, The Coca Cola Company, and President-elect of Water Environment Federation, USA.