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Water Leaders Summit

The Water Leaders Summit presents an exclusive high-level gathering of global water industry leaders for exchanges with government regulators and policy think-tanks to discuss solutions to pressing water issues.

In 2016, the three-day Summit puts the focus squarely on water in the urban context, along the theme “Water and Cities: Pathways to Sustainability and Resilience”.

Discussions will delve into key issues surrounding water accessibility, sustainability and supply resilience in cities and conurbations. WLS 2016 offers an unprecedented networking opportunity to interact and confer with high officials, heads of industry and opinion makers.

You can also expect to rub shoulders and exchange viewpoints with mayors of leading international cities.


A pillar event of SIWW, the Water Leaders Summit consolidates the insights, perspectives, and expertise of top international water leaders at a single global arena. By invitation only, the Summit brings government, world organisations, and industry players together with the common goal of addressing global challenges through policymaking and thought leadership.

SIWW Water Leaders Summit will return on 2 and 3 June 2014 for a two-day high-impact, meaningful and engaging discussions on pertinent water issues, and most importantly - to share and co-create innovative water solutions in key areas like water governance, technology and business issues.

Rapid urbanisation, population growth and economic growth will lead to an exponential increase in water demand, and widen the gap between supply and demand, if not properly managed. Over-abstraction is causing freshwater sources in many cities around the world to run dry. More water is being removed from these water sources than is being delivered by precipitations, runoff and recharge. Based on current trends, the number of people living in areas of severe water stress is expected to grow to over 3.9 billion or about half of the world’s population. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, by 2025, South Africa, countries in the Middle-East and North Africa, and South Asia will face severe water stress level (with annual withdrawals more than 40% in excess of available resources) while China and the US will face high water stress level (with annual withdrawals 20-40% in excess of available resources).

As we strive to create a better future amidst these challenges; we need to develop innovative solutions to ensure water sustainability – not just water security as all costs – to meet future demand.

Hence, Water Leaders Summit 2014 will look into “Water for All: Solutions for a Better Future”. Delegates will come together to examine better water management for sustainability in the municipal and industrial sectors; as well as review the expanding role of water with its social, environment and economic aspects, and also its importance in cities, urban and environment planning.

Reflections - SIWW: Oasis of Innovative Water Solutions

The concept behind this title brings out two forms of 'reflections' - the reflection of the journey SIWW has taken over the past five years and water reflections in a modernist and innovative direction, illustrating SIWW's readiness towards a new future. The inspiration of Reflections comes from looking upon the grandeur of a water surface with the movement of water ripples forming prism-like shapres, reflecting upon the viewer.

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SIWW Water Utilities Leaders Forum (SWULF) Outcome Document - "Pushing the Water Envelope: Insights from the SIWW Water Utilities Leaders Forum"


The document captures key issues and solutions that were shared and discussed at the Forum held on 18-19 September 2013. It is structured along the lines of 4 major focus areas that emerged from the 2-day discussions, namely: (1) Taking the Lead in Water Policies, (2) Financial Sustainability, (3) Stakeholder Engagement, and (4) Driving Innovation. Besides indicating the main issues and potential solutions for each area, the report features case studies which elaborate on some possible means of tackling complex challenges.

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