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Experience Singapore’s integrated approach to achieve water sustainability

Visit Singapore's water icons and facilities, and experience Singapore's integrated approach to achieve urban and water sustainability. The site visits on 8 and 12 July are organised to exemplify the best of sustainable urban and water solutions. Gain insights and understanding on Singapore's urban transformation into a City of Gardens and Water.

Two locations are packed as a single site visit and will run concurrently on 8 and 12 July 2018. Sign up here today!



1) Closing the Water Loop – A Sustainable Solution

Visitors will be introduced to Singapore's Deep tunnel Sewerage System (DTSS), a superhighway for used water. The heart of the DTSS is the Changi Water Reclamation

Plant, the largest water reclamation plant in the region. Visitors will also learn how NEWater, Singapore's own brand of high-grade reclaimed water is produced at the Sembcorp NEWater Plant, one of Singapore’s largest NEWater plant, which is located on the rooftop of Changi Water Reclamation Plant.

Sites to visit include:

a) Changi Water Reclamation Plant
b) Sembcorp NEWater Plant

2) Advancing with Membrane Technology in Desalination & Water Reuse

PUB R&D Facility

The PUB R&D facility is the first PUB facility purpose-built to facilitate the piloting of desalination-related technologies. Constructed together with our 2nd desalination plant – Tuaspring, the facility began operation in October 2013 and is managed by PUB. The facility supplies three types of feed water received from Tuaspring, namely: seawater, ultrafiltration filtrate and seawater RO brine, and provides space for PUB and our research partners to conduct pilot and demonstration-scale studies under actual field conditions. Our partners, who are currently testing technologies ranging from pre-treatment to desalination technologies, include Kurita Water Industries, Toray, Evoqua Water Technologies, Hyundai Engineering and Construction and Sinomira Water.

Sites to visit include:

a) Desalination Plant
b) PUB R&D Facility


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