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Technical Sessions

Theme 1: Delivering Water from Source to Tap – Network
Theme 2: Delivering Water from Source to Tap – Treatment
Theme 3: Effective and Efficient Wastewater Management -Treatment & Conveyance
Theme 4: Cities of the Future
Theme 5: Water Quality & Health
Theme 6: Nexus & Circularity
19 April 2022
Planning, Design and Implementation
Advanced Oxidation Process
Membrane Technologies for Reuse
Conveyance – Modelling and Digital Solutions
Digital Technology for Remote Sensing and Real-Time Control
WQ Assessment and Management for Health –Treatment and Management
Policy and Planning (1)
19 April 2022
Efficiency of Operations – Tools for Overall
Efficiency Optimisation
Innovative Technologies to Tackle Emerging Contaminants
Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)
Corrosion in Conveyance Systems
Digital Twins for Water Quality Management
WQ Assessment and Management for Health – Real-Time Sensors and Standards
Policy and Planning (2)
19 April 2022
Asset Management and Network Renewal
Advances in Membrane Technologies and Applications
Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (MABR)
Overflows, Tunneling and Climate Change
City Water Resilience
Wastewater-Based Epidemiology (I)
Stakeholder Engagement and Cross-Sectoral Collaboration – Circular Water Economy
19 April 2022
Water Conservation and Efficiency Measures
Innovations in Desalination – Pre-Treatment
Advances in Anaerobic Digestion I
Non-Municipal Wastewater Reuse
Urban Adaptation Strategies
Wastewater-Based Epidemiology (II)
System of Systems for a Circular Economy
20 April 2022
Digital Twin
Innovations in Desalination – Energy
Saving Technologies
Advances in Anaerobic Digestion II
Resource Recovery
Water Master-Planning for Cities
WQ Assessment and Management for Health – Risk Assessment
Resource Circularity
20 April 2022
Smart Sensors for Network Monitoring
Resource Recovery from Brine
Process Intensification through Novel Nitrogen Pathways
Climate Change and Carbon Footprint Reduction
Economic Valuation of Hybrid Infrastructure
Systems Approaches to Service Delivery
Carbon Circularity
20 April 2022
Augmenting Water Supply by Water Reuse
Digitalization of Water Treatment Plants
Phosphorus Removal
Next Generation of Intelligent Plant
Flood Resilience for Cities of the Future
Water Quality/Food Safety Nexus (organised with FAO)
Integrated Approach in Removing Emerging Contaminants
20 April 2022
Water Convention Closing Plenary and Best Poster Awards Presentation