Memstar specializes in the research and development, manufacture and application of polyvinylidene fluoride ("PVDF") hollow fibre membrane and related products and is also a water and wastewater treatment solutions provider. With strong R&D capabilities and technologically advanced manufacturing facilities based in Singapore and China, Memstar is one of the few manufacturers of high performance PVDF hollow fibre membranes in the world.

Its membrane products are used in both industrial and domestic/commercial applications. Industrial applications are the pressurized membrane modules and submerged membrane modules that are used in water/wastewater treatment, water reclamation, seawater desalination, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, power generation, petroleum, bio-separation and other separation processes. The household/commercial membrane products are mainly UF membrane filters for purification of drinking water.

To further broaden our earnings base, Memstar seeks opportunities in membrane-based water and wastewater treatment projects under Build-Operate-Transfer ("BOT") and Transfer-Operate-Transfer ("TOT") agreements. These projects are backed by offtake agreements from the Chinese Government.

With the financial assistance of Economic Development Board ("EDB") of Singapore, Memstar's R&D centre is established in Singapore, which is equipped with advanced research facilities and staffed with a strong R&D team including a number of internationally known scientists and experts in the fields of membrane technology & water treatment technology. The company's IPRs include a number of patents, manufacturing know-how, production design in relevant fields.