PWNT: an innovation engine in water treatment

PWNT is wholly owned by Dutch water utility PWN, and is unique in its formation and mission to make the utility’s years of experience and innovations in water treatment since 1920 available worldwide. Our extensive R&D programmes have led to the development of efficient and sustainable solutions in water treatment based on suspended ion exchange, ceramic membrane applications and advanced oxidation, applications that can be used for a wide variety of water sources.
All our solutions offer lower life-cycle costs, greater efficiency and much lower environmental impact. We work closely with our clients to create optimal results and strongly believe in partnering with highly-recognized universities and globally respected companies. PWNT is headquartered in The Netherlands, and has an office in Singapore covering the Asia-Pacific region.
Both PWNT and its parent company PWN seek to be more involved in community efforts to conserve water and the environment. PWN manages 7,300 hectares of nature conservation areas in North Holland in accordance with the Sustainable Site Management Barometer (level Gold) with approximately 7 million visits per year. Other examples of such community and conservation efforts include PWN’s public watertap points, CO2-neutral operations in 2015, sustainable innovations and PWN’s contribution to the Millennium Development Goals.
PWNT has developed advanced and sustainable solutions in water treatment, based on the following innovations:
The SIX® process is an efficient technology that uses recyclable resin to remove organics and serves as a robust pre-treatment system for membranes and UV treatment.
CeraMac® greatly reduces the costs of the ceramic membrane system to a level which makes the system cost competitive with polymeric membranes. CeraMac® has more benefits: a small footprint, low energy consumption, more reliable operation and greater efficiency at a relatively low cost. CeraMac® produces a high level of water quality in places where this is difficult or impossible to achieve using conventional treatment processes.
Advanced Oxidation
Advanced oxidation is a universal barrier against organic pollutants; UV and hydrogen peroxide are used to disinfect water and break down substances such as pesticides, viruses and drug residues.  The combination of SIX®, CeraMac® and advanced oxidation offers new opportunities for virtually any water treatment issue.
For more information, please visit: www.PWNT.com and www.PWN.nl.
PWNT Global Headquarters: Rijksweg 501, PO Box 2046, 1990 AA Velserbroek, The Netherlands | T: +31 23 541 3740
PWNT Asia-Pacific Office: 1 Kim Seng Promenade, #16-03 Great World City East Tower, Singapore 237994 | T: +65 6735 6890
General Contact information
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Chief Marketing Officer, PWNT
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