Toray Industries, inc. is a leading chemical manufacturer founded in 1926. Throughout its history, the company has kept itself focused on research and technological development, seeking to contribute to society by creating new value.

The Toray Group is working to expand earnings now and in the future by developing advanced materials based on our core technologies- organic synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry, and biochemistry- and by expanding our global presence with operations around the world.
Utilizing reverse-osmosis membrane, hollow fiber membranes, and other high performance membrane technologies, Toray is beginning to expand its reach, moving into the area of seawater desalination and water purification systems.

Demonstrating excellent quality and high performance, Toray reverse-osmosis membrane element, Romembra* is a functional membrane element that was developed through the polymer engineering of Toray, the first Japanese manufacturer of reverse-osmosis membranes. We have also developed Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) based membranes such as Torayfil* and Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Module. Torayfil* is a membrane filter module designed for use with a variety of sterilization and purification methods. It is an ultrafiltration device incorporating uniquely shaped, innovative membrane materials. For MBR use, Toray has microfiltration (MF) flat sheet type membrane module that gives the advantages like high water permeability and high permeate quality.
Toray will continue to take an aggressive approach in expanding this aspect of its business as a sector that will be key to the company's growth in the future.

*= trade marks of Toray Industries, Inc.


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