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Industrial Water Solutions Forum

19 Apr 2022
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Are you thinking of implementing a water reuse project to improve the water efficiencies of your operations? You’re not alone. In Singapore, the Industrial Water Solutions (IWS) Department of PUB has worked together with our large non-domestic water users to achieve about 25 MGD of water savings since 2007. Come join us at IWSF 2022 where Singapore’s largest water users and thought leaders congregate to share what resources they’ve leveraged upon by working with PUB to fulfil their water sustainability goals.

Be part of this one-day Forum on 19 April 2022 to learn about successful case studies implemented in various local industrial sectors and the benefits of recurring cost savings resulting from substantial water consumption reduction, hear from global thought leaders with regards to water sustainability management, and to keep abreast with the latest technology developments for wastewater treatment for reuse.

Networking opportunities will also be available for you to connect with your industrial peers, solution providers, as well as PUB’s IWS Department to enlist their advice on how their technical support and funding schemes could facilitate the implementation of your water reuse project.