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Why Exhibit at SIWW2022 Water Expo

The Water Expo at SIWW2022 will take place from 18 to 20 April 2022 at the Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Water Expo is a major trade exhibition showcasing a comprehensive range of products and services and the latest state-of-art technologies of the entire water value chain. It is a marketplace where top government officials, utility and industry leaders, water experts, practitioners as well as procurement officers and enterprises converge to establish business and networking opportunities. Expect the latest product launches and cutting-edge water technologies at the most comprehensive water and environment trade show in the region.

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As a testament to its status as the leading global platform, returning exhibitors have already committed more than 80% of exhibition space, well ahead of SIWW2022.

Countries and Regions Where Our Exhibitors are From
Canada, Catalonia, China, Germany, Denmark, France, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, USA, UK and much more!

How Have Past Exhibitors Benefitted?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I register my interest to participate as an Exhibitor?
    Click here for exhibiting opportunities at SIWW2022. SIWW2022 Exhibitor Prospectus can be accessed here.

    To sign up as an Exhibitor, you may email sales@siww.com.sg.

  2. I am an Exhibitor at SIWW2022. How may I find out more information to facilitate my participation?
    To assist exhibitors in planning their participation, an Exhibitor briefing is planned to take place on 27 January 2022. Exhibitors will be notified via email.

    The exhibitor manual will also be available in early February and Exhibitors may expect to receive their log-in credentials then. For further exhibiting/exhibition-related queries, please email sales@siww.com.sg.

  3. Is there a business matching service to fix meetings with buyers/distributors?
    Yes, there will be. You may wish to participate in our VIP Buyers Programme and Overseas Distributors Programme to enhance your participation as an Exhibitor. More information pertaining to the business matching system will be furnished.

  4. I am keen to pursue opportunities to strengthen my organisation’s presence at the event. How can I do so?
    There are sponsorship and advertising opportunities available for your consideration. Click here (prospectuses) to review the opportunities available. Please email sales@siww.com.sg to check on the latest availability and/or booking.

  5. My keen interest in participating in SIWW2022 as an exhibitor is to meet representatives of international companies, would this be possible at the event?
    We are working closely with the relevant authorities to facilitate meaningful participation of foreign participants like yourself at this event. Health and safety measures will be put in place to ensure the safety of all participants.

  6. Can I have more than 1 exhibiting personnel in my exhibition booth?
    Yes but please practice and maintain at least 1m safe distancing be it standing or seated from the other exhibiting personnel in the booth and adhere to prevailing SMMs such as masking, use of TraceTogether App/token. Exhibiting personnel should also maintain 1m safe distancing from all visitors who are in the booth at all times.

  7. How many visitors can be in my booth at a time?
    There is no cap to the number of participants present in the booth. However, each participant should keep at least 1m safe distancing from one another in the booth, to avoid bunching or crowding.

  8. What should I do if there is overcrowding in my exhibition booth?
    You may want to deploy on-ground staff to help monitor crowding and ensure safe distancing in the booths. Safe management measures such as safe distancing floor stickers can also be implemented in the booth to remind visitors to practise safe distancing and avoid crowding. Lastly, you may also leverage signages and queue floor stickers to guide visitors when waiting for their turn to enter the booth should it be too crowded within.

  9. Do I need to install plexiglass to the counters in my booth?
    While installation of plexi-glass panels are encouraged at exhibitions, it is not mandated for SIWW2022, in accordance to latest guidelines for approved MICE pilots.

  10. Can we allow visitors to touch and/or try our products on showcase?
    Yes, but exhibitors should put in place a detailed cleaning and disinfection schedule to high touch areas/products and ensure common areas in the booth are cleaned regularly.

  11. Can we serve F&B in the booth?
    No food and beverages should be served or consumed at the exhibition. The removal of masks when consuming food and beverages, combined with individuals speaking to each other, increases the risk of transmission.

  12. Can we take off masks for photo taking in the booth?
    Unmasked photography is allowed for up to 10 pax at any one time with at least 1m distancing between the unmasked participants at all times and taken by staff of photography businesses listed under local SSIC codes beginning with 742 and media businesses with SSIC codes beginning with 58 to 63. Participants cannot unmask if photos are taken by the event organiser, other participants, exhibitors etc.

  13. Who can I report to if I am experiencing COVID-19 symptoms during the event duration?
    Please inform the event organiser immediately and seek medical treatment at the nearest clinic.

  14. Are we required to provide hand sanitisers in the booth?
    You are highly encouraged to provide at all times accessible disinfecting agents like hand sanitisers, paper towels and wipes for participants and staff in the booth, including near high-touch surfaces.