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Product Showcases


1.00pm – 3.00pm
The Solutions Stage @ Water Expo, Basement 2
Sands Expo & Convention Center, Marina Bay Sands

Advances in Membrane Technologies for Water Industry Applications
1.00pm The pathway of developing and commercializing a technology inspired by mother nature: Forward Osmosis.
Reverse Osmosis (RO) has been widely applied for seawater desalination to secure affordable and sustainable water supply in Singapore. In contrary to RO, Forward osmosis (FO) is an emerging separation process that has received huge attention in academic and industrial development, however, the lack of optimized FO membrane impeded its practical application. The talk covers how the NTU team analyses of desired characteristics of FO membrane, fabrication of hollow fiber membrane with optimized structure as well as scaling-up modules from laboratory into industrial size. Scaling-up membranes from basic research is by no means a trivial matter, its success relies not just on engineering alone, but on many times going back to the drawing board to come up with solutions based on strong fundamental sciences.

FO was initially deemed to be a low-energy process for desalination as opposed to RO, it is now believed that FO alone will not be able to turn saline water into fresh water without secondary processing to harvest clean water from diluted draw solution. NTU team, however, ideates a new use case that regarded concentrated liquids as the product, instead of the water extracted by draw solutions. By departing from the original goal of potable water extraction, an extensive range of possible use cases unraveled leads to the setup of Aromatec in 2018 by Prof Wang and Dr Shi as co-founders. Apart from their present focus on the concentration of high-value liquid products in F&B, Aromatec is also exploring FO application in fragrances and pharmaceuticals.
Towards efficient and fouling-resistant membranes for water treatment: Chemical, physical and machine learning pathways. Permeability, selectivity and fouling resistance are three major properties of membranes for water treatment. Many efforts have been made over decades to enhance membrane performances from the three perspectives, which ultimately contribute to higher process efficiency. In this talk, I’ll introduce our recent work in this area via chemical, physical and machine learning approaches, in particular for nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes. Our progress in bringing highly permeable RO membranes from lab to pilot (4-inch) scale will be highlighted, biomimic patterned membranes and their impact on fouling will be discussed, and machine learning guided membrane development will be introduced.

CPG Corporation - Climate Change Adaptation Strategies
1.40pm Environmental Management
CPG Consultants is a leading expert in the field of environmental management, with extensive experience in performing Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and implementing PUB’s Beautiful Clean Waters Programme (ABC Waters). Our clients include the World Bank, Asia Development Bank, governments, institutions, private sectors and industries. Our environmental management services include: Performing environmental and technical due diligence for water and wastewater treatment plants prior to important business transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, divestment, spin-off, etc. Such engagement is to assess the plant in terms of its technical, environmental, economic and social aspects Preparing policy reports on water management to provide planning, management and technology solutions that are aimed at resolving the problems of water shortage and increasing water demand in cities undergoing rapid urbanisation and industrialisation.
Stormwater Management Water becomes a precious resource over time. Integrated and effective stormwater management should be performed to collect the runoff optimally and protect developments from any nuisance flooding. Our services include: Design and selection of a full range of effective stormwater management measures, including Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) series, Gross Pollutant Trap, etc. using computer software such as MUSIC. Provision of efficient engineering solutions for flood mitigation and stormwater drainage system improvement by using integrated and advanced computer software such as XP-SWMM, SOBEK, MIKE, etc. Design of various water conservation schemes and rainwater harvesting techniques through time series analysis and modelling.
Water & Wastewater Plants CPG Consultants has well-qualified engineers who are experienced in process evaluation, design of treatment systems, troubleshooting, process optimisation, installation supervision, start-up and commissioning of treatment systems in the municipal and industrial fields. Specifically, our services include: An evaluation and selection process to meet treatment targets or requirements, including treatability studies, bench scale and/or piloting. Troubleshooting, optimisation and upgrading of existing processes to enhance treatment. Conceptual, preliminary and detailed design of water and wastewater treatment systems. Installation supervision, start-up and commissioning of water and wastewater treatment systems. Due diligence and/or technical evaluation of water and wastewater treatment facilities. Feasibility studies and master planning of water supply and wastewater treatment and disposal solutions for new developments or urban centres, including effluent reuse.

De Nora AOP Solution
2.20pm De Nora AOP Solutions
Learn about De Nora Water Technologies Advanced oxidation Process (AOP) solutions and how they can be applied to water reuse and other challenging applications. De Nora offers Ozone and UV based AOP solutions as well as multi-barrier process solutions which include biologically active filters (BAF). The AOP process produces hydroxyl radicals, a very strong oxidants, which are used to break down large organic molecules. When further treatment is needed, a BAF will biologically oxidize the remaining organic molecules thereby lowering overall Total Organic Carbon (TOC). Learn how these technologies can be used to remove contaminants of emerging concern (CEC’s) as well as reduce harmful disinfection byproducts (BDP’s) in your treatment system.