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Singapore International Water Week 2021

August 2022
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Hear our leaders talk – get inspired by the who’s who in the industry in a brand new SIWW2022 Water Leaders Interview Series

Water and the global climate crisis were hot button issues discussed at SIWW2022. A space for engaging and candid discussions aimed at addressing climate change impacts, the SIWW2022 Water Leaders Interview Series also seeks to explore innovative approaches taken to build climate resilience, and how the global water community can be rallied to build a sustainable water world.

On the occasion, SIWW2022 Thematic Partner – CWR’s Engagement Lead, Dawn McGregor, caught up with 14 global water leaders for their thoughts, insights, and perspectives:

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First up was Tom Mollenkopf, President of the International Water Association (IWA).

In this interview, he shares about the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the water sector of today, alongside key actions by the IWA to galvanize action against climate change, and his personal reflection of SIWW over the years – having attended the event since 2008!

Catch the full video interview with Tom here or read a written extract here.

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Headlining the second video of the Series is Neeta Pokhrel, Chief of Water Sector Group at the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

An engineer, environmental manager, and hydrologist by training, with over 25 years of professional experience under her belt, she sheds light on the biggest challenges and opportunities impacting Asia Pacific’s water industry, and alongside that, what it means to adapt and decarbonise the sector – fundamentally shifting the common ways things are done.

Plus, get first dibs of her key takeaways from SIWW2022 and the latest Climate Resilience Hub initiative by the ADB.

Catch the full video interview with Neeta here.

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Next, we hear first-hand from Patrick Blethon, Chief Executive Officer of SAUR Group and Menno M. Holterman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nijhuis Saur Industries.

Both leaders deep dive into what is facing the Water Industry today and major trends to note. From new frontiers such as cybersecurity in digital water to private sector financing – all from the point of view of a leading global water services provider.

Catch the full video interview with Patrick and Menno here.

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The fourth video of the Series provides insights from the eyes of the World Bank – the biggest multilateral funder of climate investments – on water, climate impacts and transitions.

Jennifer Sara, Global Director for the World Bank Group's Climate Change Group, shares the importance of ‘valuing’ water, and along with that why COP and climate change make good inroads to get others (those outside of the water sector) to understand you need water.

In addition, hear what motivates her every day and advice she has for students and recent graduates looking to enter the water industry.

Catch the full video interview with Jennifer here.

Other movers and shakers featured in the Series, include:

  • Maree Lang, Managing Director, Greater Western Water
  • J.V. Emmanuel de Dios, President and Chief Executive Officer, Manila Water Company
  • Dr Debra Roberts, Co-Chair, Working Group II (Impacts, Adaptation & Vulnerability), Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) (read written extract here)
  • Mads Leth, Chief Executive Officer, VCS Denmark
  • Anna Lu, President, Apo Agua Infrastructura Inc
  • Dr Alan Ryder, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, RSK Group
  • Simon Parsons, Director of Strategic Customer Service Planning, Scottish Water
  • David L. Johnson, Deputy General Manager – Operations, Las Vegas Valley Water District and Southern Nevada Water Authority
  • Elijah Hutchinson, Vice President, New York City Economic Development Corporation

You can now watch the Series, along with its previous episodes, via SIWW+ digital content hub. Simply sign up for a free SIWW+ account or login with your existing credentials to start browsing away. Do also follow SIWW on LinkedIn as new episodes are released every fortnight!

In the Spotlight

Relive the excitement, and experience key highlights of SIWW2022 through photos

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With the SIWW2022 photo gallery, explore and recapture significant moments where strategic partnerships were established, new connections formed, initiatives and MOUs announced, business deals sealed, and fresh industry insights gleaned.

Photo gallery with daily highlights now available.


Recap of SIWW2022

Held between 17-21 April 2022, SIWW2022 returned fully in-person, and alongside the CleanEnviro Summit Singapore (CESG) 2022, hosted over 11,000 physical trade attendees comprising leaders in government, industry, and academia from 65 countries and regions.

It was a power packed and energising 5 days, brought to life through SIWW’s flagship programmes and platforms, including the Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize, Water Leaders Summit, Water Convention, Young Water Leaders Programme, Water Expo, Thematic and Business Forums, Technical Visits and TechXchange, that facilitated the sharing and co-creation of innovative water solutions.

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86 sessions covering themes spanning the entire urban water cycle, and a Water Expo of 239 exhibiting companies and start-ups, 13 pavilions and 21 product categories spurred synergistic exchanges, insightful discussions, and business networking from the best minds.

If you missed out on SIWW2022, here are some articles and editorials by our partners and delegates to bring you up to speed on what transpired:

Find out more

Joint Opening
The joint opening of the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) 2022 and CleanEnviro Summit Singapore (CESG) 2022 took place on Monday, 18 April 2022. Gracing the occasion was Singapore’s Minister for Sustainability and the Environment, Ms Grace Fu, who delivered a keynote address, followed by a moderated dialogue.

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Water Leaders Summit
Plenary 1: Mitigating Climate Impacts: Transiting towards a Low-Carbon Sustainable Future

This session focused on how the urban water sector is transiting towards a low-carbon and sustainable future to mitigate against the impacts of climate change, and what are the policies, initiatives and technologies needed to achieve net zero.

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Water Leaders Summit
Plenary 2: Adapting to Climate Impacts: Building Resilience against Extreme Weather Events and Sea Level Rise

This session focused on climate impacts caused by extreme weather events and sea-level rise, and the adaptive measures taken by governments and businesses to safeguard urban communities and built environment from the threats of inland and coastal floods.

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Water Leaders Summit
Plenary 3: Adapting to Climate Impacts: Strengthening Water Security against Dry Weather Events

This session focused on climate impacts caused by droughts and dry weather spells, and the adaptive measures taken to strengthen water security and reliability to safeguard human lives, well-being, and socio-economic development in urban communities.

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Water Leaders Summit
Plenary 4: Global Water Megatrends: Preparing the Water Sector for 2030 and Beyond

This session presented the perspectives of water leaders on global megatrends that will shape the water industry in the next 10-15 years, and what stakeholders can do to capitalise on opportunities and tackle the emerging challenges.

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We hope these articles, editorials and session recordings have piqued your curiosity or if you missed out on any during SIWW2022, you can now watch the re-run of all sessions (for free!) via SIWW+ digital content hub.

To start browsing, create a free SIWW+ account or login here.

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