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Eligible Content Sessions For PDU Points

Registered attendees with the Professional Engineers Board (PEB), Singapore, can earn one PDU point for every eligible session attended at SIWW2021 Online.

To claim your PDU point(s), please email registration@siww.com.sg with your PEB membership number. Points will be accorded upon verification of attendance after the event.

Below is the list of eligible sessions to date, please check back regularly for updates.

Water Convention

Session Title
WC1.1 Network Planning for Resilience
WC1.2 Optimising Network Operations
WC1.3 Water Conservation and Efficiency Measures
WC1.4 Non-revenue Water
WC1.5 Smart Water Grid
WC1.6 Smart Metering
WC1.7 Asset Management for the Distribution Networks
WC2.1 Improving Water Treatment
WC2.2 Innovation is Desalination
WC2.3 Membranes - Fast Forward
WC2.4 Expanding Ceramic Membrane Applications
WC2.5 Emerging Contaminants - Practice and Science
WC2.6 Integrated Water Reuse
WC2.7 Intelligent Plant of the Future
WC2.8 Source Control in Advanced Reuse Applications
WC3.1 Resource Efficient Treatment I
WC3.2 Resource Efficient Treatment II
WC3.3 Intensification of Anaerobic Digestion
WC3.4 Advancement in Solids Treatment
WC3.5 Membrane Bioreactor Processes
WC3.6 Nutrient Removal
WC3.7 Process Intensification: Integrated Approaches
WC3.8 Biofilm Processes
WC3.9 Advanced Modelling, Sensing & Control I - Outside the Fence
WC3.10 Advanced Modelling, Sensing & Control II - Inside the Fence
WC3.11 Used Water Asset Management
WC3.12 Microbial Ecology
WC3.13 Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Reuse
WC3.14 Wastewater Treatment for Developing Countries
WC4.1 Water Circular Economy in Cities of the Future I
WC4.2 Water Circular Economy in Cities of the Future II
WC4.3 Hybrid Blue/Green/Grey Infrastructure
WC4.4 Water for Liveability
WC4.5 Basin Connected Cities
WC4.6 Social Resilience Of Communities To Climate Extremes
WC5.1 Systems Approaches and Enabling Environment
WC5.2 Source Tracking
WC5.3 Wastewater Monitoring and Management
WC5.4 Water Resources in Catchments/Reservoirs
WC5.5 Water Quality in Distribution Systems and Buildings
WC5.6 Bio-sensing

Innovation To Practice

Session Title
I2P.1 The Journey of Innovation Implementation: Ceramic membrane microfiltration for surface water treatment
I2P.2 Digital Blueprint for Water Utility Companies – Data Driven Decision Making
I2P.3 Building Water Resilience with Membrane Technology – Urban and Industrial Applications
I2P.4 Planning Blue and Green Cities
I2P.5 Breaking Boundaries in Digital Delivery
I2P.6 Imagine H2O Asia Startups in Action: Case Studies from Singapore, Vietnam & Cambodia
I2P.7 Sembcorp Innovation to Market Programme – SWING
*I2P.8 Increased Efficiency using Digital Water Solutions for Water Utilities
I2P.9 The Phnom Penh Water Story
I2P.10 Achieving Carbon Net Zero Utilities
12P.11 Discover Novel Ceramic Filtration Technology
I2P.12 Innovative Tools and Resources for Selecting City Sanitation Systems
I2P.13 Advancing Water Sustainability with Innovations - Learnings from Municipal
I2P.14 Delivering Vibrant and Climate- Resilient Coastal Communities
I2P.15 Smart Circular Water and Resources Solutions
I2P.16 Boosting Water Systems Resilience & Efficiency through Digital: Learning from Macao & Australia Using Innovative Real-time Software
*I2P.17 Adaptation in South East Asian Cities: Solutions for Heat Stress, Flooding & Planning an Integrated Vision for the Future
*I2P.18 Clean Water – Semb-Eco Ballast Water Management System (BWMS)
*I2P.19 ReCirc - Towards integrated zero waste solutions for a circular economy
I2P.20 Beyond the Buzz: Demystifying Smart Water
I2P.21 Smart Water Safety Technologies for Augmented Capabilities and Performance: Case Studies from Singapore and China
I2P.22 Technological Solutions for Early Warning of Water Quality

Thematic Webinars

Session Title
TW.1 Water Resilient Cities – Lessons from Recent Extreme Events
TW.2 Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize Laureates Roundtable: "Game-Changing Technologies for a Sustainable Water Future"
TW.3 Digital Water Hackathon – DemoDay@SIWW
*TW.4 Celebrating Women in Engineering
TW.5 Sustainability Leadership in Water: Experiences from Industry and Utility
TW.6 Utilities of the Future – Is Smarter Water Better Water? (Session 1)
*TW.7 A Career in the Water Profession
TW.8 Utilities of the Future – Is Smarter Water Better Water? (Session 2)
TW.9 Digital Utilities – Preparing for the Future
*TW.10 Dealing with the Deep Uncertainty of Sea Level Rise
TW.11 Resource Recovery – from Policy to Practice (Session 1)
TW.12 Climate Change, Water Quality and Health
TW.13 Resource Recovery – from Policy to Practice (Session 2)
TW.14 Singapore Water Exchange (SgWX) Water Utilities Series: Uncovering Water Opportunities in Bangladesh
TW.15 Water Industry Transformation to Achieve SDG2030 – Overcoming Bottlenecks
TW.16 Reinventing Membranes – Present to Future
*TW.17 ABC Waters - Embracing Sustainable Blue-Green Solutions for Urban Cities
*TW.18 Partnering Agility to Achieve Leading Edge Water Management
TW.20 IDA Business Forum on Desalination and Water Reuse

*Denotes free-to-air content, available to trade visitors.