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Choo Jingyuan


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Team Neptune is the brainchild Team of 3 SUSS Biomedical + Accountancy undergrad and 2 UIT (Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City) Data Science undergrad. To reduce the time and labour cost of automated diagnostic process and rule-based compliance management for underground water distribution network, the team is designing the next generation “Swarm-Coordinated” Soft-Robot Bionic “AI Leak Cam” and a suite of cloud-based machine learning expert-system tools for 6 type of missions (Patrol, Detect, Confirmation, Tether, Repair, Supervise) . Targeted at OPEX & Performance based contractors in the water and energy utility space as well as smart pipe makers (foundry), the team hopes to be a regional and global deep tech player in the "Utility Op-tech market-space".