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Ho Chai Teck

Deputy Director, Coastal Protection Department
PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency

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Mr Ho Chai Teck currently holds the post of Deputy Director (Masterplanning and Regulatory Division) in the Coastal Protection Department at PUB, overseeing three key areas. First, the division co-ordinates the masterplan of coastal protection strategies in close collaboration with other government agencies, setting out the appropriate planning parameters as well as overseeing the implementation of the strategies. Where knowledge gaps exist, the division will also lead research and development effort to build capabilities. Second, the division is working towards establishing a framework to regulate activities within close vicinity of coastal protection measures, safeguard long term coastal protection needs as well as manage the administration of the Coastal and Flood Protection Fund (CFPF). Finally, the division is developing the Coastal-Inland Flood Model to serve as a tool for PUB to carry out holistic flood risk assessment to better aid in planning future coastal protection needs.

Chai Teck has more than 20 years of work experience in coastal protection and infrastructure projects, spanning both government and private sectors. He served in several capacities as engineer and project manager, covering planning, design, construction supervision and maintenance operations of major infrastructure as well as land reclamation projects. Some of the key projects that he handled included Reclamation and Infrastructure Development at the Southern Islands, Submarine Services Link from Sentosa to the Southern Islands, Shoreline Restoration Project at East Coast Park, refurbishment of sloping revetment at Labrador Park and infrastructure development for land sales programmes.

Prior to joining PUB in 2020, Chai Teck was concurrently Director for the Coastal Protection Department and Digital Built Environment Office at the Building and Construction Authority (BCA). Key projects he handled included the Coastal Inundation Risk Map Study, the Coastal Adaptation Study and overseeing maintenance operations of foreshore structures owned by MND. In addition, he led the inaugural enhancement of the geospatial applications platform relating to the built environment as well as led the effort on the conversion of legacy developments into 3-D models (Building Information Modelling) for future planning purposes.