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Innovation to Practice (I2P) Series

24 June 2021 (Thursday)

I2P.4 Planning Blue and Green Cities

I2P.4 Planning Blue and Green Cities
24 June 2021 (Thursday), 4.00pm-5.00pm SGT (GMT+8)  

Co-organiser: Arup_Logo_Red.png

This session presents innovative case studies from China and Singapore focusing on blue and green infrastructure, water cycle governance, stormwater analytics, and city masterplanning. The Shanghai Drainage Masterplan, comprising a blue, green, grey infrastructure masterplan, was developed for one of the largest cities in the world. This masterplan features innovative digital approaches to stormwater analytics and water governance mapping as well as drawing on global best practice for blue and green infrastructure. In Singapore, blue and green infrastructure masterplans embracing the Active, Beautiful, and Clean Waters approach are being implemented, and selected masterplans will be featured during the session.


Peter Stones
Singapore Water Leader
Arup, Singapore
Thomas Sagris
Digital Water Research Leader
Arup, UK
Lanzhu Shao
Digital Water Governance Specialist
Arup, UK
Michael Zhao
China Water Leader
Arup, China


Vincent Lee
Global Water Skills Leader
Arup, New York

25 June 2021 (Friday)

I2P.7 Sembcorp Innovation to Market Programme – SWING

I2P.7 Sembcorp Innovation to Market Programme – SWING
25 June 2021 (Friday), 4.00pm-5.00pm SGT (GMT +8)

Co-organiser:  SC_LOGO_2C_RGB.png

Sembcorp Water Innovation Nanjing (SWING), a global innovation to market programme developed by Sembcorp, provides funding, technical and commercial expertise to water companies to jointly develop or test-bed new technologies for scale in Sembcorp’s key wastewater markets. Launched in 2019, SWING enables innovative technologies to be deployed in markets to address global wastewater treatment challenges in various industries. As an experienced developer of industrial wastewater assets, Sembcorp has a unique position to identify innovative and relevant water solutions that can transform the water landscape. 

In this webinar, two partners will share their experience with SWING on engineering localisation and business development support to realise and deploy their solutions in new markets. The session will be of interest to water start-ups looking for industry partners, technology investors, venture capitalists and incubators.


Dr Adrian Yeo
Senior Vice President
Sembcorp Industries
Tai Kee
Programme Manager
Sembcorp Industries

28 June 2021 (Monday)

I2P.9 The Phnom Penh Water Story

I2P.9 The Phnom Penh Water Story
28 June 2021 (Monday), 4.00pm-5.00pm SGT (GMT+8)  

In this session, we bring you the inspirational story of how Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority (PPWSA) transformed itself into an efficient and progressive water utility. Within 15 years, PPWSA introduced 24-hr water supply, widened its distribution network from serving 40% of Phnom Penh to 90% with clean and affordable water and reduced non-revenue water to 6%. Discover the factors behind the transformation, and learn how utilities around the world can emulate the success of PPWSA.


Professor Asit Biswas
Distinguished Visiting Professor, University of Glasgow, UK and Managing Director, Water Management International Pte Ltd, Singapore
Dr Megumi Muto
Vice President
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Pawan Sachdeva
Director, Avendus Capital Pte Ltd
Non-Executive Director, Water Management International Pte Ltd, Singapore
Dr Sim Sitha
Director General of Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority (PPWSA)
Advisor to Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology and Innovation (MISTI), Cambodia


Professor Cecilia Tortajada
Professor in Practice – Environment Innovation, University of Glasgow

I2P.11 Nanostone Water Innovative Ceramic Membrane technology in Water Treatment Applications

I2P.11 Nanostone Water Innovative Ceramic Membrane technology in Water Treatment Applications
June 28 2021 (Monday), 9.00pm -10.00 pm SGT(GMT+8)


The Nanostone ceramic membrane represents the latest technological breakthrough from Nanostone Water.  This unique and patented “segmented monolith” product is the most innovative ceramic membrane technology in the market, which has helped us gain rapid adoption in both municipal and industrial applications.

For drinking water treatment, the Nanostone ceramic membrane replaces the conventional treatment processes with a reliable, compact single-step process, which provides high reliability and significant cost reduction.  


Carlo Patteri
Business Leader
Industrial Water,
Nanostone Water, Inc.


Jonathan Clement
Global Technology Officer, Nanostone Water, Inc.

29 June 2021 (Tuesday)

I2P.13 Advancing Water Sustainability with Innovations – Learnings from Municipal

I2P.13 Advancing Water Sustainability with Innovations – Learnings from Municipal
29 June 2021 (Tuesday), 4.00pm-5.00pm SGT (GMT+8)

Co-organiser:  DuPont_Corporate Logo.png

Water sources for municipal localities vary from ground water to lakes and rivers — even the sea and wastewater with latest innovations and technologies. Innovation plays a major role in ensuring a clean, safe, and affordable supply of water. DuPont Water Solutions offers expertise and advanced technologies that enable municipal water-treatment solutions such as wastewater treatment, drinking-water production, and trace contaminate removal.

The highlights of this panel discussion include, but not limited to the sharing of:
  • DuPont FilmTec at Australia’s first large-scale municipal desalination plant in Perth (PSDP);
  • How does Southern Seawater Desalination Plant (SSDP) reduce heavy reliance on climate in Perth;
  • Results from applying the new dry seawater reverse osmosis membranes in a desalination municipal plant.

1 July 2021 (Thursday)

I2P.19 ReCirc - Towards Integrated Zero Waste Solutions for a Circular Economy*

I2P.19 ReCirc - Towards Integrated Zero Waste Solutions for a Circular Economy*
1 July 2021 (Thursday), 4.00pm-5.30pm SGT (GMT+8)

Co-organiser: Rijkswaterstaat Logo.png WB Logo.png KWR.png Wageningen University Logo.png

The 4-year public-private partnership programme, ReCirc Singapore was established in 2018 to help accelerate Singapore and The Netherlands’ ambition in transitioning towards a circular economy. The outline of the webinar is to share the advancements and legacy of the PPP ReCirc on how material and resource recovery creates circular opportunities in diverse sectors like food waste, plastic waste, used water and sludge, and incineration bottom ashes for companies and R&D institutes-and how governments can play a stimulating and supporting role.

Will touch upon examples like the created circularity scans, zero-waste solutions, and innovative circular technologies fitting within the Singapore Green Plan 2030 and the upcoming developments at Mandai.


Wilfred Appelman
Expertise Leader Separation & Purification
Wageningen Food & Biobased Research
Arjen Van Nieuwenhuijzen
R&D and Innovation Director Circular and Biobased Solutions
Joan Prummel
International Advisor Circular Economy
Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, The Netherlands
Kees Roest
Senior Scientific Researcher - Energy & Circular Systems
KWR Water Research Institute


Sann Carrière MA
Liaison of the ReCirc Programme

*denotes free-to-air content