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Ms Laura Vonhögen-Peeters

Deltares Singapore Office

Laura Vonhgen-Peeters.png

Laura Vonhögen-Peeters has been working for Deltares Singapore and NUSDeltares since 2017. As an Earth Scientist at Deltares she is involved in resource management, climate adaptation, and urban resilience.

Laura started working at the Geological Survey of The Netherlands (TNO-GSN) and transferred to Deltares in 2010. In the Netherlands she has been involved in research for the support of the national coastal maintenance policy as well as extensive geo-archeological mapping of the North Sea (e.g. availability of sand and the impact of soft sediments). In Singapore, she has been working on integrated groundwater studies for the Public Utilities Board (PUB) since 2012, focusing on the availability and sustainable use of fresh water.

In Singapore, Deltares is part of the knowledge alliance with the National University of Singapore (NUS), called NUSDeltares. In this alliance both institutes work together on the topics of Climate adaptation, High density living, Urban water management, and Data, Models and Hydro-informatics.