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Dr Reddy Chirla Chandra Sekhara

Technology & Optimisation Manager, Singapore Refining Company Private Limited (SRC)



Dr Reddy is Technology & Optimisation Manager at Singapore Refining Company Private Limited, where he leads wide range of activities. He holds PhD, Masters and Bachelor’s degrees in Chemical Engineering. He also holds a MBA degree. He is a Chartered Engineer and has 23 years of experience in process engineering, project management, technical services, operations optimisation and process safety experiences. Prior to SRC, he has served diverse industries such as Reliance (IPCL), TPC Pvt. Ltd, SUT, Celanese Singapore Private Limited. He has authored many international publications including three book Chapters in the book “Chemical Process Retrofitting and Revamping: Techniques and Applications”.

His presentation titled “Sustainable treated waste water reuse in the Refinery” highlights cost effective ways of water recovery, treatment and reuse, water recovery project management, lessons learned and results, especially in refineries.