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Professor Hamanth C Kasan

General Manager (Scientific Services),
Rand Water, South Africa and Vice President,
International Water Association

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Professor Kasan has been actively engaged in the water and sanitation sector for the past thirty years. He has acquired a unique blend of skills, knowledge and expertise. He has spent 10 years in the academic sector and the past twenty years at a very large water utility, Rand Water, as General Manager. He has played and currently plays a leading role in many organisations viz.,

  • Honorary Professor: Durban University of Technology
  • Vice-President and Board member: IWA (International Water Association)
  • Board member and Chair of Strategic Capacity Building Committee: AfWA (African Water Association)
  • International Advisory Group member of UNHabitat GWOPA programme and Chair of Ethics Committee.

His qualifications are in science, engineering, management, leadership and corporate governance.