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Mr Sudipto Sarkar

Practice Manager (EAP region, Water Global Practice), World Bank Group



Mr. Sudipto Sarkar is the Water Practice Manager for the East Asia and the Pacific Region and is based in the World Bank’s Singapore Office. He has thirty-two years of work experience on infrastructure activities. He mainly worked on water, but experience covers other sectors such as urban, energy, environment, and private sector participation. He has been in the World Bank since 1993. Prior to joining the Bank, he worked in the US private sector on water, environment, and infrastructure activities. He has extensive Bank operational experience having worked in three regions (ECA, SAR, EAP). In the Bank, he worked from Washington DC and was also based in the Bank’s Zagreb office (2004-2007), covering countries in ECA. He worked in the US private sector in the field of water and environment. His educational background is in civil engineering (undergraduate degree), environment (graduate degree), and business (graduate degree).