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Abhishek Saha

Senior Data Scientist, Hydroinformatics Institute

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Msc. In Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management from Delft University of Technology (TUD), The Netherlands and National University of Singapore (NUS)
Senior Data Scientist in Hydroinformatics Institute, Singapore and a Guest Researcher in TUD.

He has over 7 years of experience building hydrological and hydraulic simulation models using both conventional and machine learning techniques. He has worked on a range of real-world applications with groundwater, inland flooding and coastal models in his previous role as a researcher at NUS. He was the co-developer of the Virtual Water for Virtual Singapore tool, the flooding plug-in for Singapore’s digital twin. He is currently one of the main developers of a novel parallelized sub-grid based flood simulator, which forms the core of the PUB’s new integrated inland coastal flood model for climate change adaptation planning framework for Singapore.

Abhishek’s expertise is in HPC for scientific computing, machine learning and applications related to water. He is interested in the developing scalable computational frameworks for water resources that integrate data and simulators.