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Elijah Hutchinson

Vice President, NYC Economic Development Corporation

Elijah Hutchinson photo.jpg

Elijah Hutchinson is the Vice President for Waterfronts in the Neighborhood Strategies department at the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC). His focus is facilitating long-term planning and redevelopment projects on New York City’s waterfront, inclusive of infrastructure, open space, and mix-used developments. Success is taking broad long-term visions and turning them into implementable projects through strategy development, design, technical analysis, inter-agency and community engagement. Current project highlights include Lower Manhattan Coastal Resilience, the City’s plan to adapt Lower Manhattan to climate change, for this generation and the next. It includes the city’s first comprehensive climate risk assessment, funding for over $1 billion in capital projects, and a climate resilience master plan which examines creating new land in the Financial District and Seaport to help protect NYC and the region from the effects of rising seas and climate change. In addition, Elijah broadly advises across the Corporation’s portfolio to ensure we are making the wisest investments with the best climate and risk information we have. Elijah is from Brooklyn, New York and has a Masters in City Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is a graduate of Harvard College.